Thursday, 19 August 2010

Swirl! Tap! Buff!

Newsflash!! The first matte mineral foundation ever, bareMinerals Matte? Skin perfection in powder form. Seriously, I love this stuff.

The launch was certainly a talking point too - quite literally. A select few of us had dinner at Soho House with Matt (see what they've done there?) from Get the Guy, who 'taught' us how to, well, get the guy. Now I already have one, (thank you DadJokes), so this wasn't so relevant to me. But to the raving man-hating feminists in the room, the poor boy didn't stand a chance. He was only 23 bless him. Not. A. Chance.

Although I can share one very important nugget on the minefield that is texting, courtesy of Matt;

NEVER ask a question in text form. If you want to ask a man somewhere or get him to do something you have to make a statement. e.g.

DONT DO; 'Hi DadJokes, I was thinking, would you like to maybe go to the Cat and Mutton with me on friday?' (incidentally the answer would always be NO, he hates that place)

DO DO; 'Hi DadJokes, so I'm going to the Cat and Mutton on friday, you should come.'

This does sort of make sense to me, so I shared the critical info with Lucy who is the single girl on my desk. She tried it with approximately zero success. Sorry Matt, better luck next time.

Matte on the other hand, amaaaazing. Swirl, tap buff!

bareMinerals Matte, £24 available now at Selfridges and the Bare Escsentuals boutique in Covent Garden. Nationwide from 1st September

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