Friday, 13 August 2010

I heart les carottes

Apart from their night vision and hair growing benefits, carrots are popular in the ilovelipstick household because I assume a similar identity when sleeping (on my front, arms and legs straight, ankles together).

So when I received this cute Honoré des Prés kit from the space.nk a/w edit, I initially thought it just a funny pic to send to Dadjokes.

But the perfume sample inside, it actually truly smells like, wait for it, you guessed it...Carrots! (or les carottes, sorry). Strange but true, and strangely nice. In the absence of virtual scratch n sniff technology, just go to a Pret-a-Manger, open a bottle of Fresh Carrot Juice, sniff, and imagine that on your pulse points.

OK, maybe it's just me, but I'm going to have to get a bottle for sentimental reasons at least.

Honoré des Prés We Love New York Collection, I Love les carottes, £69, exclusive to space.nk

1 comment:

  1. So let me get this straight Carrot, you will also now smell like carrot?