Friday, 16 April 2010

Topshop Makeup Drop

THE most exciting news of 2010 so far (aside from the O*tnet £1 sale - but we won't talk about that...): Topshop makeup. I went to the press preview and met Lizzie Dawson who created the line - she's their blouse designer - love that they went for a non-makeup artist to do a proper 'for the people' collection. It's as close to the makeup of your personal dreams as you can get.

I liked her to the point of an almost girl crush - especially after she said she was drawn to my lipstick (mac Lipliner in Trimmed in Pink) and might even use it for inspiration in the next line...ooh la LA. 

In store end of May -


  1. We won't talk about the £1 Outnet sale? Is this the infamous Outnet sale that kept you twitching, tossing and turning all night?!? Is the the Outnet sale which name was your staple response to evry question I posed for a week leading up to it?
    'What time are we meeting?'
    'What shall I cook you for dinner?'
    'What shall we call our babies?'
    Is this the Outnet sale that had you get out of bed at 6am, quietly get dressed and leave me fast and sound asleep like a baby only to wake me up at 7am screaming 'arrgh i'm locked out of your computer, what's the password what's the password' (yes thanks).

    Yes this is the Outnet that oh, didn't let you log on and buy what you wanted cos there were a gazillion girls on it at the same time trying to buy shoes n' handbags.

    Awwwww, what a shaaaameeeeeeee. Ha.

  2. you are funny. You should have a blog