Monday, 19 April 2010

found! The honestly-suits-everyone-lipstick

Ok, well everyone on my desk, but that's six people and two of them are ardent anti-lipstick (but not any more you see).

Katie is blonde and thinks she can't wear pink lipstick with a tan, but she likes this one in winter so now is agonising over what to do in summer (we worry about these kinds of things). So she got me to try it. Looks good.
then she tried it - it does work with a tan.
So fashion news ed Lucy tried it - she thinks she can't wear any lipstick as it makes her lips look thin. Looks GOOD.
Then fashion assistant Gemma, her assistant Sarah, then my assistant Jess - all look good. Therefore everyone should buy Mac lipstick in Impassioned, £11

p.s. Desk introduction's done - it's the best one in the building.

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