Thursday, 29 April 2010

Eyelash Heartbreak

It's a little known fact; I collect eyelashes. It used to be spoons, stamps and bouncy balls (the first two can be attributed to a pushy granddad, the third I have no excuse), so it seems I have a collective personality.

For three years I've been so excited by the lash launches, I've added them to the bag under my desk. I sometimes take them out and look at them, but seriously, I just really love lashes.

Imagine my horror then to find the bag GONE from beneath my desk on my recent tidy. Who would steal a bag of lashes? Except me?

A tiny bit of compensation came today in the form of an invite to the new She Uemura 2010 lash bar launch, Neo-Tokyo Odyssey. I will of course be there with bells on. A good place to start again I guess...

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