Tuesday, 20 April 2010

blog envy envy

My assistant Jess is jealous of Katie being jealous of my blog so I must endeavour to treat them both equally. Does she not realise this means make a feature of her here? She seems up for it. I can't quite tell from her expression...

But we used her as a guinea pig for new Batiste Shimmer. Its comes in 'alluring silver'. To add a hint of 'alluring' silver to not so fresh hair. I'm not convinced, but Jess seems to like it. Or does she? I can't tell from her expression.

jess: 'Do I look grey now?'
sophie: 'yes'
katie: 'no'

You decide


  1. silver hair...grey hair...
    Who cares when you can see down my top?!

  2. It looks grey Jess, or that you have been covered in Volcanic Ash!!

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