Sunday, 20 February 2011

The LOOK Show, Season 3

Like America's Next Top Model, the LOOK show gets better and better every season. This time we were back to Spring/Summer, which is always a mood lifter when you're freezing your bits off trying to get to Bloomsbury Square mid February. Once backstage in Victoria House (new venue, amazing results) we launched into lovely brightening S/S makeup looks, and the Urban Decay makeup team demo'd on lovely Beauty Assistant Sam, since she can easily be mistaken for any of the as yet absent models - b!tch (kidding, kidding, I only employ attractive people, it's part of the job description). (kidding again, although since Sam joined the team there have been rumours to that effect!).

Here she is showcasing the first of the makeup looks, that I then went to on film - check out the vids on next week.

Manic hair and makeup frenzy done, the show was brilliant with Petra Nemcova walking, Olivia Palermo in the front row (she is minuscule and beautiful but took a long time prepping for my requested reportage shot), and a renewed and unhealthy yearning for every single look from H&M in my soul. There was even a pink and orange wonder outfit from River Island - the girls must have been reading my 'Luella' blog post - that made me smile nearly as much as this model uncomprehending the concept of 'sleeves' during the run-through. It's the little things...

Here are some of my other highlights from the day...

View and shop all the looks from the show now at

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