Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Having believed the hype, listened to the fall out (Jess went on opening night, fell asleep for 15 minutes), and RSVP'd to 3 screening invites, I went last night to Everyman Theatre on Baker Street, courtesy of Nivea.

A few cupcakes, canapes and Cosmopolitans later and the verdict is: I quite liked it! The fashion was incredible (for my tastes), Halston Heritage overloaded somewhat, but hey, it looked good. 

WINNER: Zac Posen skirt - this whole outfit is the stuff of dreams. Some peoples nightmares granted, but my sweet, sweet, expensive dreams.

RUNNER UP:  Leonard harem jumpsuit and Michael & Hushi Gilet, and that necklace. And that hair! And that makeup! I'm sorry to sound like a Carrie superfan, I'm not normally, honest.

THE LOSER: I'm guessing this is a Galliano number because of his 'front page news' face on the front - I'm sorry, I just don't like. Cowl neck and  a-symmetric hem? Really?

The turnout wasn't quite as Nivea had hoped...(kidding, it was packed! we were early - eager? us?)

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  1. Totally agree with your winner and runner up (necklace by Rodrigo Otazu). However, the Galliano voted "loser" was symbolising the 'sparkle' of 1998 Big and Carrie, from the series. 1998 was BIG on newspaper print dresses. I remember them :0)
    Love your blog xxx