Friday, 4 June 2010

Mmm, Donuts

Not to be confused with the sugary kind (or a certain inappropriate bedroom toy - take note boyfriend of Senior Picture Researcher Emily), the humble hair donut has taken the office by storm.

Once Mr Emily had recovered from the shock of seeing it on the bed, he saw it in Emily's hair (see below), and thought it looked like a mushroom.

Ok, so not one for the boys, but since Katie trotted it out a few issues ago, the bun-boosting tool has been seen on everyone from associate editor to intern. I can't master it myself,  which is somewhat embarrassing, but when you have an assistant to hand - you don't need to even try to learn. 

Having seen a recent bow-in-beehive hair accessory shot I did, the art team are beside themselves with hybrid excitement. 

Soon to feature; the BOWNUT. Oooooh...

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