Monday, 14 June 2010


I love Isle of Wight. It's my kind of festival, sunny, pleasant, friendly etc. I love it a hell of a lot more when MAC offers to have me and my friend (for festival purposes Debbie replaces DadJokes, he can't be doing with portaloo's) stay in their amazing mansion off site. Complete with golf cart so we don't have to walk anywhere. Absolute Radio passes so we get the very best view of the stage, and celebrities obviously, and all the lashes and lipstick I could ask for, applied by their artists on a daily basis.

At least I could do my filming for LOOK safe in the knowledge I looked more fabulous than festival. Cue interviews with Paloma Faith , Caroline Flack, Erin O Conner, as well as a terrifying sabotage by Lee Francis (watch out for this vid on soon, and here also of course).

The last day shooting main beauty for the mag, with MAC senior artist Neil Young, involved us all piling onto the big wheel for one of the shots. I was scared to the point of rollercoaster fear, shameful I know but I am older than all those creams let on.

Thank you Ruth Wiles, Jane Walsh, Kate Armitage and team for a festival fabulous weekend, pleeease can I come next year?

getting my makeup done in the MAC backstage area before filming

Ruth at MAC helps me with the Big Wheel shot

p.s. Beyond Retro does a mean line in rain macs. £3 a pop! love.

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  1. They have Portaloo's in their offsite mansion? Well next time i'll bring a poobag. At least no one else will have sat on it.