Monday, 14 June 2010

Rapid Dash

I am really not a one for
leet (that's Internet slang to you and me), but this mornings super launch definitely calls for an OMG...

The genius that is Robyn and the team at Kilpatrick PR turned a launch for RapidLash (actually and  genuinely amazing lash growth serum - I'll be posting my trial results soon), into a rapidDASH - get it? Which means a half hour spin round Urban Outfitters with a spend limit to reach and calculator to hand.

The collective gasp of thirty beauty editors when that was announced was nearly as amusing as the gentle ambling pace we assumed, when inside we were all screaming with panic and the need for speed. 

The no refund or exchange you see. I was rewarded grandly with some gorgeous Peter Jensen numbers. Sadly DadJokes was not so fortunate, and didn't even end up with a t-shirt. NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE you see. That is where the panic sets in for the fashion obsessed. 

Selfish, maybe. Sartorial, why of course! Thanks today to RapidLash

Join the RapidLash waiting list at Boots here

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