Sunday, 6 March 2011

Do Not Disturb

We just moved from the 5th to the 7th floor at Blue Fin Building. Going up in the world eh? (sorry), Although this news was met with the usual fear of change feelings, in actuality, its really nice and refreshing. And I get to chat to the InStyle beauty desk every time I go to the toilet now, which is always nice...

The not so nice part was the packing. I HATE moving, this was particularly traumatic. 3 1/2 years worth of desk hoarding into two measly crates. And then unpacking it all two floors up. Ugh.

The nice thing was finding the little things I forgot I had. This was my favourite:

I used to be Beauty Editor at CosmoGIRL! Such cute teenage days. I sat on a great desk with fashion team Navaz, Bella and eventually Olivia (beautifully modelling my customised chef hat at the head of the post).  Navaz was gold. If blogging was prolific in those days, she would have featured in mine regularly. Not least for THIS particular hat.

Its not a joke, she wore it very seriously, when we were NOT TO DISTURB. Every time someone new came in they would humorously try to comment on it, to her, as if they hadn't read the request sat on top of her head. A few days in and the hat was fearfully respected and honoured.

She made me one eventually too. I wore it once at LOOK when I did expenses. It sort of had the opposite effect - I'm not good at commanding fearful respect and honour for the hat.

Still, ahh, the memories...


  1. I wonder if Navvo still has hers? I was devastated when I lost mine...

    Ahh, good times. xxx

  2. Girls, I think I still have mine somewhere too! Maybe they will be worth something when she finally gets her book deal...