Friday, 18 March 2011

From A (sos) to B (urberry)

Its no secret I spend a lot of my time on I should take out shares. At the very least get a uniform allowance (nice try?), but since I am a workaholic, even when I'm shopping I'm working. Sort of.

The humongous ginormous retail site has a lot of people behind it. I would love to be one of them -  a styling spot - that would be a great job, but even while I'm thinking I'd love it, I'm appreciating the loooong hoooouuuuurs that go into creating every-single-item-as-still x 4 + catwalk shoot.

For the last few months or so, I've had an asos model crush. Obviously I have exceedingly good taste, as the cute, awkward, blonde object of my affection (not in a weird way, please) has gone onto much greater things. Every time I looked at a t-shirt that she gawkily wore - always the same uncomfortable expression, I'd say to Katie; 'Who is this? We should shoot her.'

Alas I never researched it hard enough, and Mario Testino got in there first.

Cara Delevigne for Burberry SS2011, you had me at Heart Ink T-shirt, £18

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  1. She is gorgeous, the first time I saw here I wa stunned by her beauty, gorgeous eyes. Always have the tendency to research or maybe stalk models and soon found out that she was Poppy's sister...x