Friday, 25 November 2011

Karl Lagerfeld does Makeup

AHEM! This is the most exciting O M (for makeup) G news I've stumbled across in a loooong time. If like me you're a bit shamefully obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld and his monochrome, slightly cartoonish caricature iconic genius version of himself, you will be wondrously overjoyed to hear that Dear Santa has answered my letter and delivered Karl designed makeup and accessories to Sephora, just in time for Xmas.

I mean look, an eye palette where each of the shades is a mini silhouette (post extreme weight loss, which is a shame when you consider value for money) Karl. nail varnish duo's, cute makeup bags and my personal fall off my chair favourites, a doll and a SNOWGLOBE. Snow globes will always hold a special place in my heart, especially when they contain Mr Chanel standing among fluttering gold. swoon...
Available from next week on the french website which delivers all over Europe.
And the hotline +33 892 70 70 70 can accept orders to be placed as well;jsessionid=1FCBD9F6027A791F23F0A8EB5647445B.wfr2c?csrSub=commandeCout&csrSection=commande 

BEST TIP OF THE DAY: Use this to cut n paste translate all the french bumpf. Genius...


  1. i'm not sure how practical the silhouette is for the eyeshadows but yeah... it looks cool !

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