Friday, 18 January 2013

Generation M

Aside from my obvious and much (self) publicised love of lipstick, I am also a lover of photography. It's a side effect of the job. I see everything as a picture. This has it's upsides (natural art direction skills, ability to make my shoots the best they can be, gives a workaholic impression), but it has downs too. I've bought many a useless piece of detritus at a market because it looked as if it should be captured and framed in my hallway, or sent as a picture postcard. In reality maybe one or two pieces have made it onto one of my shoots, the rest I hoard for future moments of creative expulsion.

It has also led me to buy and often lose many a good camera. I resolved the issue by buying my other half a Canon SLR for his birthday, so it was his you see, but also mine. Thus I can use it but I can't take it on trips, so I can't leave it on the plane like last time, or expose it to too much sun like the time before...

Apparently this secondary love of pictures has made it out into the further reaches, as far as the ears of Canon themselves, who made me part of Generation M. We are an elite crack team of creative professionals (ok, you can take out Elite), whose job it was to test drive the new Canon EOS-M and use it to reinterpret and document a certain style of photography. I'm well placed to test this one if I do say so myself, since I blog as well as art direct and style, so I can appreciate the details of a hybrid hand held that points, shoots, has detachable flash and lens, can fit in my normal handbag and, well, looks very cool too. Not to mention the photography capabilities. It can be as complicated as you like, but manual automatic mode does it for me, and as my professional photographer friend pointed out when I used it on my honeymoon safari, "nice camera pet, it really does well on the blues" (captures the sky nicely to you and I).

So here it is, my reinterpretation of still life photography using the Canon EOS M. Yes I built a whole project from the ground up and will hereby be adding makeup artist, photographer and TV presenter to my CV... (click on the image)

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