Friday, 4 November 2011

S is for SHOES

it's not uncommon for me to commandeer a camera and shoot my shoes. On my iPhone whilst sitting on the bus, a particularly sparkly sun ray glinting off my glitter boots, mid-walk across a rope bridge in Northern Ireland in green soled brogues, yes even at Katie Selby's wedding where she found about 12 shots of my shoes, her shoes, collective groomsmen shoes, nestled among her official photos.

It's a combination of an extreme love bordering on obsession with shoes, and an appreciation of the birdseye perspective.

Imagine my utter delight at being asked by (another love bordering on obsession) to take part in #ASOSSavvySunday project, a nationwide discussion about my mastermind subject, shooooes (wonder why they asked me?)

I'm blogging today in these leopard print platform lace ups, my boot du jour, but I have three important pairs to talk about:

My First Pair: Bear in mind fashion changes, I am very close to my mother who dressed me till I was 13 and attractive high heels just did not exist in 1993. Nevertheless I loved my chunky heeled Dune Mary-Janes. Even though they had a boat-like quality and a checkerboard pattern in navy and beige, I wore them with pride, ok I'll admit it, right up until university. My style didn't kick in till I ditched my specs and de-frizzed my hair...

My Uplifting on a Bad Day Pair:
Just one glance at my shoe collection has the power to lift my mood. Sometimes I feel bad at my level of neglect, I haven't been able to go out as much as I used to, and I have a stupid problem with wearing my most beloved ones in case something happens to them, so they stay tucked in dust bags in boxes until something very important and fabulous comes up. Or I'm having a particularly bad day and need some fluro orange Louboutin Lola's in my life. These aren't like Loubs I'd seen before. There's nothing posh spice or ridiculously vertiginous about them. They're patent, 80's, so bright they could guide 747's in to land and about as mood boosting as a shot of tequila.

My Fail safe Glam Pair That Make My Outfit:
Two words: Bicester Village. I went, I saw YSL, I conquered. A pair of pencil boots in my size for about a fifth of the RRP. God I love that place...

A Day In The Life Of My ASOS Shoes....

Try hard not to miss the next #ASOSsavvySunday sale which starts at 6pm on the 6th Nov, you can vote your favourite shoes into the sale and then find some more hidden treasures for one whole pound. Sign up here - easy! 


  1. omg, I want one of each! The leopard print platform lace ups are super cool, I'm off to find a pair of my own :-)

  2. i definitely have a shoe fetish. every time i buy a new pair and decide tp wear them to brunch with my family, my dad groans and asks me how close i am to being the next Imelda Marcos.

  3. omggggg! you gotta see my post here! same sweater and hey gotta love us pixies!

    Nora Finds

  4. those leopard pumps are mighty cute! :)

  5. I love shoes so much too, you have some great shoes :)

    Tanesha x

  6. Congrats! What a relief wew! Yeah! Upward and onward!!! Here's to health and happiness. You deserve it. :)
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