Friday, 26 August 2011

Going Stella

There are a lot of things Stella that I tend to love. McCartney - of course, goes without saying. she loves sharp shoulders and chunky cable knit and all the animals for goodness sake.

Tennant, the supermodel - so much so that I drew her in charcoal 6 feet high for my A-Level art piece and, ahem, got an A thank you.

The name in general, I wonder if I can sway Dadjokes in that direction when the time comes to name my own (100% must be a ) daughter.

The beer, not so much - I'm more Corona with a hint of lime.

The perfume - maybe the most of all. I love white floral scents, I love girly rose most of all, and I love powdery musk - all of which are in abundance in the original EDP.  The new ltd edition Print Collection just tips me over the edge. Taken from McCartney's Spring collection, the three floral prints are out of this world, embossed onto cute handbag sized bottles (reassuringly heavy ones though) and are only £35 each in Boots.

The only downside is the choosing. And the fighting in the office over who gets the one with the bumble bee...The winner was fashion news ed Lucy Wood who also loves Stella to the point that she gets through a 100ml bottle, oh about once every two months. I have no idea what she does with the stuff, although I've heard those fashion types are prone to divaism; very pungent baths perhaps?


  1. Oh these look soooo cute - I must check them out!

    Nic x
    Beauty Blogger

  2. Gorgeous bottles! I really like the Sheer version too... Sami x

  3. Your very welcome! My bad about putting Boots and not Superdrug by the way - I have changed it now. The Stella limited edition print collection sounds wonderful - it may have to go on my 'wish list!' x