Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Violent Lips

While the largest portion of our working day is taken up, well, working, there is always time alloted for trying out. Which technically falls under the work remit too.

Imagine our (my) delight when these lip transfers came in from Violent Lips. Not so much assistant Sam who gets her outstanding hard work and dedication rewarded with guinea pig duties.

The idea is this; Cut out lip shape (pretty much impossible), place on lip and wet back like those kid tattoos we all used to love (again, impossible), carefully peel off, and voila! Perfectly (!), crazily decorated lips. And teeth where Sam is concerned. it is wonderfully funny though...

 (Sorry Sam)


  1. Wow... thats kinda... interesting. Lol

    It would be cool if you could use them on your eyes. Do you remember those Accessorize adverts with the models with frizzy hair and lace on their faces? If you could create a subtle eye look like that with these transfers that would be quite funky. But you'd have to really tone it down to avoid Lady Gaganess.

    cool product though!

  2. aw they're deadly! love those harlequin ones on you!