Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Today I'm Wearing...Banana Nails

I've never been one for a kooky coloured nail. It just doesn't work on me. Even Chanel's Nouvelle Vague couldn't sway me.

So when Precision Nail Lacquer in Enlightenment landed on my desk, I tested it out again (I learnt to love olives this way. When presented with the opportunity I'd always try them, and hate them. 2010 sees me reach the point where I even bought some for lunch today)

I was not so surprised to learn that the Olive Method does not work for banana nails. So today I am almost wearing, on one hand only, but probably not for long, Enlightenment Nail Polish by Precision. Maybe next season?..
Precision Nail Polish available here, £5.95


  1. Meh, not loving it. How about THESE? http://1url.com/gH

  2. I like it. You have banana hands so it looks perfect.