Monday, 18 October 2010

Tell Your Friends...

Still on the new look blog trip, another introduction. 'Tell Your Friends' is something of a review channel for anything from products to treatments to people to trips to travel.

How better to start than a long overdue visit to Kennaland in London Fields (too cool for school strip of street that varies in degrees of trendiness and ridiculousness. Want more of an overview? click here).

This trip came about when I had a long overdue drink with Kenna (yes, of Kennaland - good friend) and before 'hello' he looked at my hair and said 'when can I fix you?'

The next day I was booked in, which is saying something, as since it's inception in January this year, Kenna is pretty much booked out with regular clients from Corine Bailey Ray or Mark Ronson to Kenna's own mum, who was in when I was.

Kennaland is like a members club, only much friendlier, and with better hair. The approach has something of the Anne Frank about it, hidden behind an unassuming any-old-door, and the reception is not anything resembling a reception, with squashy sofas, antique things (the collection is too eclectic to be categorised) and a really nice atmosphere - the whole thing is not your typical hairdressing experience. Kennaland is a Studio by the way. Definitely NOT a salon, (as I drunkenly referred to it once. Mistake). You'll see why when you go there. There are only three cutting stations for one, did I mention it's a bit different?

In short the exclusivity (they never give away the address, you only get it once an appointment has been booked) makes you feel particularly special, the decor makes you feel like you've been time warped, the occasional freaky detail makes you feel like that one-wine-too-many from last night just hit you again, but then the head massage makes you feel heavenly and get to sit in the masters chair (if you're lucky). Here is the view:

A very efficient and entertaining cut later and yes, I am well and truly fixed. The only problem is the cut went down so well at home that I'll now need regular visits, which could require a bit of waiting list manipulation. Can you bump me up please Kenna?

relaxing in 'reception', needing a 'fix'

Kenna's Collectibles. Kept the younger clientele happy though, freaked out all the older ones.


Appointments at Kennaland can be made here,
or call 0207 254 2416

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