Thursday, 18 November 2010

diary of a clean girl

Billie Piper and I have one thing in common. Toothpaste.

If you're interested my take-home-from-the-cupboard toothpaste of choice is Beverly Hills Formula (I have a love of the Classics). Billie uses it too-oooh.

That isn't quite as interesting as their cute campaign to make the nation smile. I'm having a hard week so I'm behind this one. Especially if it results in me winning a shopping spree in Topshop and a years supply of toothpaste. A year! Maybe I should email the link to Billie.

You have to upload a picture of your friend with the best smile. Here are my offerings. Come on Beverly Hills, make it happen...


my little monkey niece Poppy

the one and only desmond

the daddy

upload pics directly to the Beverly Hills facebook page;

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