Friday, 5 August 2011

The Future of Advertising

The beauty guinea pig trials continue in the Look office. Now that I'm back, lovely assistant Sam gets more gets regular requests (for 'requests' read 'demands'), to try out the slightly more unusual desk drops. This morning? Bespoke SCRATCH N SNIFF nail wraps. These are pretty outstanding without the added olfactory bonus. Wearable? hmm, maybe not so much, but for very far reaching and portable brand advertising, and novelty factor, they get a Look adorned thumbs up.

The smell verdict from Sam: 'fruity'.

Rebel Nails, from £5.99

1 comment:

  1. Someone is going to post 'smell my finger' aren't they?

    My thoughts: Can they just not focus on making normal nail wraps that work a little? I'm being very harsh but after seven sets from various brands and none giving me the advertised finish and wear duration I'd just like them to work in the first place rather then whiff and clash with my hand lotion. Are they rough to the touch too? I remember scratch and sniff being rough. But that was Red Nose Day scratch and sniff and things may have evolved from the deepest darkest 1990s