Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Headline Game

Spinning a beauty story a week is no mean feat, so it is inevitable that every so often I'll come up with an obscure story that works in theory, but then I'm presented with the ultimate challenge:

A snappy headline that sums up the story but isn't 'punny'.

The good news is this excites my entire desk of, erm, alternative thinkers who like to get involved. Some with more aplomb than others ("ooooh, are we playing the headline game?" chips in Jess with genuine enthusiasm. Aww)

So, a story about different beauty looks for different music tribes, but with no festival reference even though it was shot at a festival:

These were my offerings:
Jess: Beauty Groupies (winner!)
Katie: GIG FACE. ...I mean, I ask you?
Lucy: Backstage Beauty
Sophie: Beauty Headliners

If ever you find yourself in the same predicament try Lucy's rule of thumb (I think they teach these things at the LFC or something). 'If in doubt, use alliteration'. 

Other rule: don't ask Katie...

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